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Frequently Asked Questions About our Hardtails...


Q: Can I use my stock axle, adjusters etc...?

A: Yes you can.


Q: Why do bolt-on's only go up to 1978?

A: Because in 1979 Harley-Davidson changed the upper portion of the frame to a welded on sub-frame leaving no place to bolt.


Q: What is the widest tire I can use with your hardtail?

A: 150mm as long as you have drive train clearance, contact us about custom widths.


Q: What front end length do you recommend when using your hardtail?

A: 2" under gives the sportster an excellent stance in our opinion.


Q: Where do I cut my frame to install your weld on hardtail?

A:Cut the backbone (see measurement below) measuring from the center point of the rear tank mount towards the back of the bike.

1952-1978 cut 1 1/4"

1979-1981 cut 2 3/4"

1982-2003 cut 3"

Cut the belly tubes just in front of the forged rear section (1952-1981) on 1982-2003 models cut the belly tubes just before the tubes bend upward so your left with just the straight tubes.


Q: What grade bolts should I use for the bolt on?

A: Grade 5 is more than strong enough.


Q: What caliper do most people use with your hardtail?

A: Stock or aftermarket it seams to be a pretty even split. We will soon be offering one to make it easier for people who don't have a lot of fabrication experience.


Q: Do you make hardtails for bikes other than Sportsters?

A: We can hardtail anything...call us and we can give you a quote.