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weld on hardtail

These weld on hardtails truly do make a beautiful one piece rigid out of your stock Sportster frame. Not to mention they do it for almost half the cost, and save you all the trouble of getting your bike re-titled as an assembled motorcycle.

Just like our Straight Back™ Bolt on hardtail, the Straight Back™ Weld on hardtail stretches your frame about 5" and drops it down to about 3 1/2" off the ground (your belly height will depend greatly on the front end you run). Each hardtail comes with an engine mount jig, to help you line everything up and insure that your engine will drop right back where it belongs.

The Straight Back™ Weld on hardtail is constructed of .120 walls drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing. All three connecting points have slugs plug welded in them, so it slides right in your frame tubing. These hardtails have been designed to take the guesswork right out of your frame conversion. When cleaned up right and painted, you end up with a seamless true rigid frame.

Like all of the parts we offer, the Straight Back™ Weld on hardtail was designed, manufactured and distributed right here at Hammer In Hand Custom Cycles llc in St Johns, MI. If need be you call us up and talk to a real person, and also you can talk to the guy who actually built your hardtail.

All disc brake models (due to the different caliper possibilities) do not have a caliper bracket. Mounting of the caliper is left up to you to give you more options.


Click here for customer picts of using weld on hardtail.

Click here to watch a video from Ivan Iler on how to install our weld on hardtail

Note: This video is for 1952-1978 model Ironhead Sportster frames, the backbones for the other years do not get cut in the same place..

Click below on the different years to view pictures of the Straight Back™ Weld on hardtails.


1952 to 1978 only...

If the bushings from your old cross over tube are not to worn they can be carefully removed and used in you new hardtail.

We do this in order to save on cost that would be added to the price of your hardtail for something you already have. If needed we can order the bushings for you.

They are a light pressed fit and can usually be removed and installed with a soft punch and a hammer. However being thin, and made of bronze, you must be very careful.


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