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bolt on hardtail

bolt on hardtail

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One of the biggest complaints about a bolt on hardtail (for a Sportster) is the fact that you never end up with a nice looking chassis. They always seem to make a bike look patched together and misaligned. On the same hand they give you the opportunity to turn a stock bike into a low riding rigid in an afternoon, even if you have never done that type of work before. So it was always a matter of weighing out the good and the bad. The Straight Back™ bolt on is our way of tipping the scales.

Compared to the Competition

The leading 2 competitors are V-twin™ and Santee®. V-twins™ version of the Sportster® bolt on hardtail is (in our opinion) the lesser of the two. It does not have a top cross tube, making it much weaker, and prone to stress on each individual side where it bolts on to the top of your frame. There dimensions have the tendency to be off due to improper welding. The majority of the time they are off so much it takes tools to force them inline with the frame. Though not as often, I have seen this in the Santee® hardtails as well. Another draw back to both of these hard tails is that they bolt onto the inside of the frame at the top.

bolt on close up


Because of this, if you have a later model frame you will need to cut off the supports in order to put on one of these hardtails. With the Straight Back™ Bolt on you will never need to modify your frame to use it giving you the option to put your sportster® back to its original form. It also has a much heavier axle plate at 5/16 of an inch. These other companies only use 1/4 inch steel for their axle plates. The tubing used on our hardtails is a high quality, American made DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing with a .125 wall thickness, and the design of our axle plates gives a large weld area making these hardtails extremely durable.

The Straight Back™ is made to use parts from a stock bike. These hardtails are designed to be used with your existing axle adjusters, rear wheel, brakes, axle, and spacer. Because these hardtails are designed to be used with your existing components, without modifying the rear drive gears to space them away from the tire, you cant use a wider rear wheel than your stock Sportster will fit.

The Straight Back™ drops the frame to about 3 and 1/2 inches off from the ground, and stretches it about 5 inches. THIS PART IS SHIPPED AS RAW STEEL!

Due to the size of our shop, there is no minimum order we need to fill, because of this, these hardtails are never put on back order, where as this is a common occurrence with the competitors. Also due to the size of our shop, and the fact that we offer these hardtails directly from our company, we can keep the price just as low as the competitors, as their products pass from one hand to another, the price goes up, and this can happen any number of times depending on where the product comes from. So in order for them to keep their prices down the quality of their craftsmanship and materials used must also go down.


The Straight Back™ Bolt on hardtail gives a straighter frame than even most of the weld on's offered by other companies.

bolt on hardtail on our bike

Our Straight Back™ Bolt on bike

Santee® Bolt on Hardtail

Santee® Weld on Hardtail

If you have any questions whatsoever about this product (whether you are thinking about buying one or need technical support while installing one) you may contact us by phone or email through the contact section of this web site. We are more than happy to help in any way that we can. The installation instructions might also help to answer your questions.

Click here to see some customer builds using our Straight Back™ Bolt on

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